Dear Reader,

The world is going to change a lot this century. You may think it’s odd to be looking this far ahead but the future that we will know is built using each passing day and moment. Many of the people who are going to create positive change during this century have already been born. Many of them are already working tirelessly to make this positive change come to fruition. Passionate people seeking the betterment of others.

This act of passionately seeking the betterment of others comes in many shapes and sizes. For some, it means working passionately at a dead-end job so that their children can go to school and have a better shot at life. For others, it means inventing the next revolution in renewable energies or expanding humanity into the stars. Most of you are probably somewhere in the middle.

Hopefully you leave here feeling inspired. Not because anything I say is particularly compelling, but because the truly excellent people find themselves inspired by just about anything. They are looking for excuses to get back to work.

Reader, I’m not asking you to have everything figured out. I’m asking you to get to work. Show some grit. Do your absolute best. The world could use your gifts.

All the best,