My Personal A.I. (GLaDOS)

This was an experiment to create a personal assistant using Microsoft’s Kinect. All activity that you see on the screen is being triggered by my assistant GLaDOS.

  This project was just for fun and all rights to GLaDOS and all sound effects used are owned by Valve.

54 Comments My Personal A.I. (GLaDOS)

  1. J.Hooobit

    That’s crazy good, does it use the kinect still or can it pick up instructions using just the built in mic from a regular laptop. Also, I really really really really really want this. Chears.

  2. admin

    It uses the Kinect for all of it’s speech synthesis. I will be making the source code available. If you are interested, there is a webform on the top-right of the page to sign-up for updates and code releases.

  3. Arthur

    Are you going to use a permissive open source licence or a restrictive viral free software licence like the GPL?

  4. admin

    That’s a good question. I have to look into the what I am able to do under the development agreement with the Microsoft SDK. I would like to make it as open as possible.

  5. 00meat

    How many functions dose it have?
    Do you have a list of commands?
    What are your functionality goals?
    Every last ounce of trekkie in me wants this.

  6. Bryan

    Oh goodness…this is how it all begins. How do you feel about having your room flooded with deadly neurotoxins?

  7. Sam

    One request can u put the Turret voice too especially “Are you still there” one would like to have that once PC goes to sleep mode or screensaver :P

    Just a thought!!!!

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  9. Allaun

    I think he means that the GPL is restrictive in comparison to the BSD License in that your required to return any changes to the community. I personally see no problem with this, but some do.

  10. william reid

    This is awesome, it would open up so many doors for handicapped folks.

    You should see if you can get funding from the kickstart project, I’m more then surethis would fly…

  11. rich nerd

    I agree with Jysocial, “SHUTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” I recommend an open source release so we can manipulate the source to run on linux and help improve your code. Please make this available soon, I will be watching for updates :D

  12. Minako

    I find it quite interesting. A few days ago I started a project like this of my own as a way of learning C#’s voice recognition classes.

    I’ve pretty much got it to the point where it recognizes speech and triggers actions based on it, but I’m still getting a buttload of issues with speech recognition in general… and sometimes the program starts doing things in response to NOTHING, which I find to be EXTREMELY weird.

    Anyway, I’d love to see your source so I can see what I’m doing wrong. Knowing me, I totally butchered the usage of the SpeechRecognitionEngine object.

    Oh well. A girl can only try. :p

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  14. Kyle

    Can your program understand voice to text? That would allow Google searches, responses on skype or msn, and you could tell it what song you want it to play from itunes.

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  16. Anonymous


    How about another music player, for example one that’s not complete crap, doesn’t weights worse than malware on PCs, and actually reproduces music I want to hear, not the ones my “favorite brand” lets me?

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  18. scoutcamper

    I would LOVE to help test this and perhaps create more commands! Contact me if you would like :)

  19. Kenjie PH

    Hi! Umm, I just want to ask, when will it be officially and (surprisingly) free? haha! Keep up the good work and YEAH!!

  20. tommy

    Hey, i am still waiting since october, When can we get the source code? DO you still working on it ?

  21. Nick

    Would this be able to run on the PS3 camera device? And if so, when will you be releasing this?

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